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Former ECW Champion and NWA Champion Rhyno is known for his tough on-screen persona. The veteran has made waves in ECW, WWE, TNA and NXT for over 15 years, but the “Man-Beast” has a new idea for a character in the WWE — being John Cena’s biggest fan.

On a recent edition of Another Wrestling Pocast, Rhyno said that he’d love to play a character where he’s starstruck by Cena, and noted that he has personality and range that wrestling fans have yet to see.

“I would love to do a character where I was his biggest fan. I’d ask him to sign stuff, that would be fun. I have a funny personality outside the ring that a lot of people don’t see,” Rhyno said.

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Rhyno has put some thought into the idea, pitching a couple of ideas during the interview.

“That’d be fun. I’d just become upset with him. Like ‘Hey John, you never returned my call. Why? Do you do that with other people’ That weird super fan. I think that would be funny,” he said.

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Cena and Rhyno have actually squared off five times in televised matches, all prior to WrestleMania 20. Rhyno actually got the win in their second bout, all the way back in May of 2003.

You can see Another Wrestling Podcast’s full interview with Rhyno above.


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