Connect with us announced Brad Armstrong has passed away at the age of 51.

Armstrong was found unresponsive this morning. noted that he saw a doctor last week regarding a medical issue, but didn’t provide any more detail.



Armstrong is the son of legendary “Bullet” Bob Armstrong and brother of Steve Armstrong, as well as brother to current WWE talents BG “Road Dogg” James and referee Scott Armstrong.

Brad was the second oldest of the four brothers behind 53-year-old Scott Armstrong.

Brad Armstrong dead

Brad Armstrong broke on to the national wrestling scene in 1984 in Georgia Championship Wrestling. He would continue wrestling in the ’90s and had several stints with WCW.

Much of Armstrong’s career went under the radar as he never surpassed midcard status on a national level. He had storylines working with the Fabulous Freebirds and the Four Horsemen in the late ’80s.

Brad Armstrong

Armstrong, like the reputation of the entire family, knew a wrestling ring like the back of his hand. From a technical aspect, he was a guy for young wrestlers to watch and learn.

Sadly, his entire career seemed to lack certain charisma, which never got him pushed into a main-event storyline on top of the card. In 1987, Wrestling Observer Newsletter would recognize him as the most underrated wrestler of the year.

Brad Armstrong

In 2006, he worked in the ring for WWE’s version of ECW as the veteran to help along the younger talents before doing some work on commentary and as a behind-the-scenes agent.

‘Gimme 100 Pounds’: ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong Still Lifting Weights At 80,
Brad Armstrong

Age is just a number in the Armstrong family, particularly with its patriarch in “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. The father of Road Dogg, Brad and Scott may be 80 years old and battling cancer, but that doesn’t corral the legendary veteran from pulling a few weights around. Referee Scott Armstrong snapped a photo of his dad doing a lat press that had a 100 lbs he had to pull down.


“Today my 80yr old Dad, @WWE Hall of Famer Bullet Bob, asked if he could come over to get a workout! He’s got bone cancer in his ribs, shoulder and prostate and chose not to go through any treatment (his choice)! I put 30lbs on there and he said, ‘Gimme 100lbs!!!’ #Motivation“


Brad Armstrong