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In a recent interview with The Herald Dispatch, Nikki Bella’s ex-boyfriend Dolph Ziggler commented on being on the same page with Lana, the chemistry between them and the bond that binds them together. He made this note during a live event at Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, WV. See excerpts of the interview below:

When it was time to speak about the love note between Lana and himself, Ziggler began like this, “It took us time to develop chemistry. When we had that bond, it was OK.”

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Then he commented about being in charge of and taking control of things. He said, “I like to be in control, be the leader, do things myself. You know look out for myself. If Summer’s with Tyler, so be it.”

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Ziggler went a step further to speak about Tyler Breeze, his injuries, if he plans on doing stand-up after his wrestling career is over and more.

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