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Former WWE Divas Champion Paige opens up as boyfriend abandons her…. This is not of those things you would wish for the former WWE Divas Champion Paige with respect to her love life, that is, if it really was the only truth. We find it just difficult to put words together as the truth of Paige’s said relationship with Bradley knocked her down.

Noteworthy, Paige reported relationship with Bradley came on hair around March 10, 2015 when the WWE Diva told couple of other Divas during the last episode of Total Divas that she was in a relationship with Bradley. Paige was the one who said herself to the The Bella Twins, Natalya and Emma that she has eventually gotten a date; someone she is fond of, someone she really sees as her hero, Bradley Walden.

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Later it was reported that Paige got the shock of her life when she and Bradley went home to visit the mother. It wasn’t Bradley that opened up the secret, no, it wasn’t. Bradley’s sister, Nikki was the one who opened her mouth and said that which she probably shouldn’t have. As conversation rolled on and pages of past life began unfolding, Nikki said something like this, maybe unconsciously, “My brother Bradley was married before.”

That was it; the spell that broke the camel’s back. Paige felt like slamming the car on anything. Anything! The dinner was spoilt; end of discussion? No!

Paige revealed that anger bobbled within her as adrenaline surged. She said, “I am absolutely fuming right now but I don’t want his mom and sister to think I’m a bad person if I reach over and punch him right now.”

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On reaching home, Paige naturally felt it was wise to have a word or two with Bradley alone and she wasted no time in doing so. Only to get yet another shocker, “Maybe I’m just not ready to move in together,” Bradley told her.

The end of their relationship? Well, not really. Later, Paige revealed that Bradley actually broke up with her via Twitter message.

While we were still trying to digest that report and comprehend the whole jargons, it was reported by very reliable sources that the said relationship between Bradley and Paige was faked, mere storyline — noting that Bradley is actually engaged to another pretty lady in real life and that Paige herself is actually dating Kevin Skaff, who is the lead guitarist and a backup vocalist for the band A Day To Remember.

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