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Information reaching our news crew revealed that WWE real-life couple, Rusev and Lana have disclosed plans for their wedding while re-affirming the depth of their love during an interview session with by Michael Cole.

According to the couple, they propose two weddings. The first will be done in September in Bulgaria and the other will be a three-day wedding in Russia.

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When asked if WWE Universe is invited, Rusev stated that their American friends are invited but it won’t be televised and won’t be on the WWE Network.

See excerpts of the interview below:

* Cole brings up Lana telling The Miz she never went all the way with Dolph Ziggler. Lana says this is true and she’s always been a good girl. Her father, a Russian minister, raised her to save herself for marriage and that’s what she’s doing. Cole asks about Rusev going all the way with Summer Rae also. Cole says his source, Summer Rae, told him that they did go all the way on more than one occasion and Rusev is lying. Rusev asks Cole if he’s calling him a liar in front of his fiancee.

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* Cole asks about the engagement and Lana shows off her ring. Cole asked if they ever thought they’d end up together like this in WWE. Lana says she always had so much love for Rusev and that’s why it was so hard for her when they fought. It devastated her and she tried not to show it but she’s always loved Rusev. Rusev says he loves her with all his heart also and maybe he’s done some wrong but they’ve talked about it and moved on

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* Cole asks how they will communicate once they get married and have to live the WWE life, possibly being apart. Rusev talks about using various social media apps. Cole asks about the wedding and they say it will be plenty of traditions, unlike American weddings. Rusev calls Lana the love of his life and says her ring is the finest Russian jewelry ever. Cole asks if they have a date and if the WWE Universe is invited. They will be having two weddings – September in Bulgaria and then a three-day wedding in Russia. Rusev says their American friends are invited but it won’t be televised and won’t be on the WWE Network. They make Cole uncomfortable with some kissing and Rusev says Lana is the best woman ever.


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