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WWE has never made a promise and not fulfill it except something came in so urgent. WWE has been announcing some huge matches and with some reasonable happenings, these matches were cancelled.

For instance, Roman Reigns won the WWE World heavyweight championship title from Triple H which has prevented Triple H from making is full time return to the WWE. After the win, Roman Reigns had to defend his title against AJ Styles. The match occurred in several events but still Reigns retained his championship title.

The first defend was at Payback where Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles to still retain his championship title while the other was at Extreme Rules pay-per-view. These matches left AJ Styles in pains. Styles has longed to be in the list of the WWE World heavyweight champions for a fairly long time but his encounter with Roman Reigns made him feel like he will never win the title.

More so, another match was in plan for Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles but was cancelled due to the return of Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins returned from injury and claim his championship title back from Reigns but unfortunately, Dean Ambrose collected the title from him.

Furthermore, another huge match that was cancelled was that of Bill Goldberg confronting Brock Lesnar at Summerslam after the main against Randy Orton. This did not happen as it was announced then. Bill Goldberg returned lately on WWE Monday night RAW and we hope to see wrestle at Survivor Series against Lesnar.