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WWE has been in existence since ages past and its superiority still counts. Previously, we knew the entertainment industry to be WWF before finally, it upgraded to be the most celebrated WWE today.

It was reported early this morning that a manager in the era as of then has just given up the ghost. The report came in this morning that former WWF wrestler and manger Jean Frenchy Martin Gagne passed away this morning. It is revealed that Martin has had critical conditions of cancer which has laid him down for several months.

Martin passed away after several weeks of going into hospice care following his cancer conditions. Martin was no doubt a renowned wrestler and a prominent manager his days as a wrestler. Even till this day, WWE still sees him as an inspiration to this present days wrestling. His death was some worth a shock and a catastrophe.

More so, before Martin passed away, he spoke in an interview with the Montreal Journal saying: “ I led an extra-ordinary life. I am proud of having succeeded in the world of wrestling. I am no more worthy than another but I am not afraid of death. I accept the result”. This sounded as if Martin knew he was going to die, but all the same, the deed has been done and we just hope his soul rest in peace. The deceased was 66 years old before his death.

All the same, Our condolences go to his family, friends and acquaintances. We sincerely sympathizes with the entire family of the late Martin. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace!