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It is so painful to announce to you about the ill health of WWE superstar. This superstar, as reported by, was diagnosed with heart issues just some weeks ago and he has been arranged to undergo a surgery in Cleveland on Monday.

It was revealed that Marc Mero had this trouble since over ten years when he went for a heart valve replacement surgery in 2007. Marc has really been trying all he could do to combat these issues but all to no avail.

The surgery which he is to undergo on Monday has been in line since 2014 but the experts did informed him that he have no need of the surgery at that time. This is serious, very serious.

Marc is a good wrestler who has run for various wrestling promotions such as WWE, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and more. Marc spent just three years in the WWE and all that while, he has been the Intercontinental Champion.

Apart from wrestling, reports states that Marc is also a motivational speaker and a boxer. Kids love him for his highly motivational speeches. Well, we pray he just come out of the surgery successful.