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The joy will indeed be unspeakable for the Bella Twins to share. On one occasion, there is a wedding ceremony coming up and again there is the expectation of another child. Guess who is pregnant.

The smiles in the faces of Nikki and Brie Bella is even enough to tell the whole story of what is coming up even though it is not aired in the Total Bellas reality shows.

In the Total Bellas reality show, there would be features of a wedding ceremony and a pregnancy update. Wow! This is goodnews all through. I know you will want to ask these questions,who is wedding and who is pregnant?

The answers are , the wedding is coming up between the Bella twins Mom Kathy Colace and former WWE member John Laurinaitis. Reports states that both couple have been in a cohabiting relationship for a very long time since the departure of their various partners. These couples have found themselves fit to get into marriage even at their age.

On the other hand, the pregnancy being talked about is that of the brother of the Bella Twin JJ Garcia and his wife Lola. And to crown it all, the WWE has approved the Wedding and the Pregnancy for being aired in the Total Bellas reality show.