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The WWE is losing almost all her main superstars to injuries and this is pretty painful and intolerable for the company because the injuries attacks only fans favorite superstars. And even, it seems it is not only in the Men’s Division but also in the Women’s Division, as lots of top WWE Divas are still faced with injuries such as Emma.

Previously was the report of the number one contender of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles. AJ Styles has missed three live events due to the ankle and back injury which he suffers and this could keep him at home for a long time until maybe during the WWE Money in the Bank.

Recently, we received reports that the United States Champion Kalisto is unable to compete on this week’s SmackDown due to the injury which he sustained during his match against Rusev on RAW. According to, Kalisto suffered a strained intercostal muscle and erectus spinae muscle.

Even at this, Kalisto still wants to wrestle at the Extreme Rules this Sunday. This is challenging. He is so desperate to retain his US Championship Title. But, can he really wrestle with such a terrible injury? Who knows! Let’s just wait until it is Sunday and see if he would make it or not.