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Lots of WWE Superstars has been released on this course of this year. During the WWE spring cleaning, the company released almost ten superstars some of whom were fans favorites. As if that was not enough, the company also released top officials from the company.

Indeed, Adam Rose has gone through a lot lately with the WWE Company. At first, was his suspension for violating the wellness policy this suspension was supposed to last for 60 days.

Secondly, Adam Rose was charged with tempering with domestic battery as the case was stated and filed against him. Where he was jailed for almost two days but later was released and was asked to pay fines which he agreed to pay without hesitations of any sorts. Few days ago, we reported that Adam Rose has been removed from social outcast video of the company.

Lately, reports just reaching us today states that Adam Rose has been officially released by the WWE Company. The reports states that Rose actually pleaded to be released just as Cody Rhode did some days ago. Rose said that he was not pleased with the way the company is handling him.

Rose pleaded for his released and the company did gave it him and wishing him a more favorable career in life. The company wished him greater height in life.

Obviously, the company had wanted to release him since his 60 days suspension but had thought it wise to leave it to some other time and now, Rose has requested for his released which was given to him in full. Finally, Rose bids goodbye to the WWE company.