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Well, this is not just the first time report like this is surfacing in the WWE. It seems that some superstars are very stubborn and needs to be treated in the hard way which they really deserve. Teaching them leasons in the police station will bring them back to their senses.

Acccording to, It hadn’t been a very good weekend for WWE Superstar Bo Dallas when he was kicked out of a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to Mexico for being intoxicated. He had behaved improperly on the flight and hurled abuses at the pilot and other passengers when the former came to calm him down. He had reportedly been drinking at the airport bar with Charlotte and the Usos prior to his flight.

After his eviction from the flight, the officers went on to search for Bo and later escorted him away from the terminal. The superstar was also reported to have wandered off when the airport staff tried to book a later flight for him. It was not known at that time if he was arrested but Dallas Airport Police have recently confirmed that he was indeed arrested on Friday night.

When officers approached Bo, whose real name is Taylor Rotunda, he was slumped over in a chair looking at his phone. When he got up, Dallas was reported to have demonstrated very poor dexterity including him dropping his phone. The report also says he strongly smelled of alcohol.
Rotunda told officers he had been drinking and when they asked how much, he said, “I’m not really planning on driving tonight.” Based on their observations, officers determined his level of intoxication was a danger to himself and others. So they placed him under arrest.