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What do you really expect to happen at this rematch? Lots of imaginations has been made but only at the end of the match, we shall confirm our thoughts.

It was indeed a fun filled moment at the WWE Summerslam. The main event which actually featured Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton was a match that will never leave the minds of the WWE Superstars and even the entire WWE Universe.

Brock Lesnar gained favor against Randy Orton and made mess out of him; after series of suplexes, he then started hitting hard on Orton with his elbow which led to a cut on Orton’s head and the whole ring became a pool of blood. Even at this, Brock Lesnar still went on in attacking the Viper on and on until a team of referees gathered together to stop him and separated him from Randy Orton.

More so, fans of Randy Orton became so deaf and mute as to what they saw and witnessed Brock Lesnar did to Randy Orton in the ring. Orton was then rushed backstage to be taken care of and it was later revealed that The Viper had received 10 staples in his head. This was a result of the anger of the beast Brock Lesnar who also offered the commissioner of SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon an F5 because he came to take Orton after the match.

The big question that has been on the lips of every individual of the WWE Universe has been whether there will be a rematch or not? This question has been so strong and alarming until Chicago’s Allstate Arena announced on their Facebook page that Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar will take place at the WWE Live Event on Saturday, September 24th, one day before RAW’s brand-exclusive PPV, Clash of Champions.

Furthermore, hearing this announcement, many thoughts has come into the minds of the WWE Universe. Some thinks that the rematch will be a payback by Randy Orton while others thinks that Brock Lesnar will end up dealing with Randy Orton for the second time. What do you think?