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Nikki Bella and John Cena’s wedding became the talk of the day when Nikki made the note on “…wedding and a pregnancy, we have a very fertile home, I guess.”

We are one step away from another wedding in the forth coming “Total Bellas” reality show and that’s a wonderful thing to know.
Plus that is the “Total Divas” offshoot, which is set to feature the Bella sisters, their family and a good number of others this fall.

Nikki Bella and her dear twin sister were speaking at NBCUniversal’s Upfronts in New York City this week, and they made a note of the forthcoming “Total Divas” follow-up in relation to how it captures their family.

While speaking with E! News, Nikki was trying to hype to the show and she made a note that “There was a wedding and a pregnancy, we have a very fertile home, I guess.”

When that phrase dropped from her, many bells began ringing as most people think she is somehow talking about herself. But that is not true, the pregnancy and wedding have nothing whatsoever to do with either Bella.

While there is a little argument as to who is wedding, report reaching us reveals that the wedding is going to be between John Laurinaitis and “Mama Bella” Kathy Colace, who would be featured on the show. And the pregnancy is that of the brother of the Bella Twins’, JJ Garcia, whose wife, Lola, is currently carrying their first child.

Nikki called the show a “dream” come true, while Brie said she realized she and Bryan are the messier couple, but is also excited for everyone to see a different side of her husband.

“We’re really excited,” Brie said. “I’m really excited for everyone to see through Bryan’s eyes and his perspective and get him into the interview chair.”

See what JJ Garcia tweeted below: