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Whether good or bad, whether sweet or bitter, the story still remains that John Cena is one of the top stars in the WWE. Cena has been away for some time now and I confess that we have all missed his crazy moves in the ring.

John Cena is yet to return to the ring. has it that John Cena is just biding his time to make a triumphant return. It was stated earlier that Cena now runs and American Grit show and while doing the promotion for the show, Cena said that is just getting prepared to return to the ring.

This was so amazing that everyone around yearned and was in anticipation. Cena said,” I am like a relief pitcher in the bullpen just waiting for that phone call. I’m ready to go, and I’m just waiting for the manager to ring the phone, and I will answer it. I will go throw on the old superman outfit and show up where they need me to and do what they need me to do. As far as my condition, that’s where I’m at”

John Cena will need a tough match when he returns and suggestions has gone out that Chris Jericho may be his feud, this of which we know is not possible. Other names mentioned are Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. The company has longed for a match with Cena and Reigns may be the time has just com.

More so, John Cena is challenging Ric Flair’s best career life. Ric’s all time record of 16 title runs would have made a perfect backdrop for this kind of opposition. This is a perfect aim indeed’ let’s see how he gets there!