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There was a chance for brief discussions with USA Today and Seth Green the actor. This discussion was about the “Camp WWE” adult cartoon which take place after Payback on the WWE Network.

Obviously, Seth Green and his team working at Stupid Buddy Studios are responsible for making the cartoon. Discussing with the USA Today, Green spoke about working with Vince McMahon as his favorite when it comes to working in the series.

In elaboration, Seth Green said, “He takes directions very, very well. He’s got a keen sense of understanding the comedy and the emotional disposition. I don’t think girls between 14 and 29 are prepared for how much they’re going to love Vince McMahon after they watch this cartoon.”

Also, Green commented on John Cena saying, “We wanted to play with the can-do spirit of an 8-year-old who always has a shoulder for you to cry on and always has some encouraging message but also just gets annoying. He’s great at everything in the show but the other campers are like, ‘Ah, John, you know none of us like you, right?'”

Furthermore, it is worthy to note that great superstars will also feature the show. Superstars like, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, The Undertaker, Sasha Banks and a host of others. However, they got Ric Flair. It is going to be indeed awesome.