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Over some months, the WWE Company has suffered huge losses as her top member’s leaves the company for the sake of injury. Among the top superstars is Randy Orton.

went out of the company due to injury and it seems that he has fully recovered and will be making his way back the company someday. In October last year, Orton sustained a shoulder injury which required a surgery the same month. We hear that he also had a neck injury but ignored this for it is not true.

But, to God be the glory, Randy Orton is well and will soon show up. According to Sports World News Randy have in mind some wrestlers who he will love to face in his return. Some of the names include zany and Finn Balor.

The mentioned are wrestlers whose passion for their job is so motivational to them. Yet again, there is also AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and a number of other names that could want their turn at Randy Orton.

Fans have long missed Orton and his return to the company makes the fans rejoice. His return has been scheduled to take place at summerslam. Fans would rather rejoice the more if he opens up as to who he wants his feud be among AJ Styles and Sami Zayn. WOW! We just can’t wait to see Randy back to the ring.