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The Bellas are such a hit among the reality TV fans of Total Divas, who don’t watch pro-wrestling, that they even got their own spin-off show called Total Bellas. The show is a few episodes in, and chronicles the story of The Bellas, starting from the time of around Daniel Bryan’s retirement earlier this year.

Nikki Bella and her sister Brie Bella has been one of the best WWE top divas since WWE history. There are things which the divas have always kept with themselves. The Bella twin recently appeared on Dan Wooton’s Facebook page live where they gave a very shocking report of what has happened to them in the locker room.

In discussion, Brie Bella said; “The sickest things I’ve seen is dead cockroaches, all day long. We take a shower and we see them, we have to remove them ourselves. There’s just something about cockroaches.”

Nikki, on the other hand, said, “Sometimes some of our shows are at football stadiums, and we go into the guy’s locker rooms – we get that smell.”

“I’m sorry guys but you need to wash your freaking pads after every game.”

It is often hard to digest the fact, that The Bella Twins have been in WWE from 2007. While Brie did retire this year, after nine years, it isn’t a permanent one, but rather an extended hiatus.

She first claimed on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, before she was pregnant, that after she had her first baby and got back in shape, she would return to WWE. She gave more insight in the same talk with Dan Wooton, where she stated:

“I give birth in April and Summerslam is in August. I think that would give enough time to get back in shape. I would love to get back in the ring. If it’s not Summerslam then sometime after April.”