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Drug possession is a very serious crime in a society. It is very dangerious to both the country, association and to the individual in possession of it.

Drug has successfully damaged the career of some folks and also left others in a state of unawares… If anything else a drug possession charge taints careers and puts those involved in a bad light.

It is no secret that many people battle with drugs, regardless of if they are famous or just ordinary people. You hear over time about musicians, who battle addictions and it’s no different in sport.

The former WWE superstar Rob Van Dam is well known as an advocate of marijuana, but unfortunately, it got him in trouble. 2006 saw Van Dam capture the WWE Championship for the first time, and also the beginning of an ECW revival. Van Dam was enjoying the biggest push of his career, but it came to a screeching halt, just a month after he won the WWE Championship.

Van Dam was pulled over for speeding in July 2006. Sabu was travelling with him, and from there the officer smelled marijuana. After searching the vehicle and the men, 18 grammes of marijuana and 5 Vicodin was retrieved from Van Dam, while Sabu had drug paraphernalia and nine Testolactone.

Van Dam would end up suspended for 30 days and was stripped of both the WWE and ECW Championships, which he was booked to lose after news of his arrest had broken.