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Obviously, the match at the WWE Summerslam saw Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton’s match as being the main event of the day. The match was to the favor of Brock Lesnar who left the ring having caused a pool of blood.

Brock Lesnar left Randy Orton in an unconcious state and with excessive bleeding from the head after offering a TKO, but as it is, this was not supposed to be so except it was planned that Randy Orton be busted open and bleed.

Reports states that it is not that surprising for the fans of the Attitude era or the Ruthless Aggression era that a wrestler like Randy would be busted open by Lesnar during the MMA-style pummeling that he delivered. It was unlike WWE these days, however, to have booked the match that way, given that there is a lot of emphasis on talent wellness, and bloodshed being very rare in the PG era, it could be that it was planned that Orton shed some blood during this match.

But even if it was planned to be so, it would so stupid in the part of the WWE creatives for such thought. If it wasn’t planned, however, Brock Lesnar could face serious scrutiny from the WWE team and be fined or suspended since this isn’t the first time they would be upset over Lesnar’s antics both inside and outside the ring.

It is revealed that the WWE would come up with two possible plans for Brock Lesnar which are either he is suspended for his sordid deeds or he have loss the title shot against Finn Balor. So, beyond every reasonable doubt, it is certain tha Brock Lesnar would be suspended and will be made to pay a fine for what he did.