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Boomer and Carton listened to the Divas champion Charlotte and her father Ric Flair who is the WWE Hall of Famer. Charlotte discussed how she discovered that her father was a world legend in wrestling. She said that she realized that her father was a superstar when she entered college.

Ric Flair on the other hand, also praised her daughter saying that she is best. Charlotte never had passion for wrestling despite the fact that she is the type that loves sports. Ric Flair refused to force her in. He indicated that his daughter had many other potential careers.

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Flair discussed how brave his daughter is in the field of wrestling. He said, “I’m not saying that because she’s here. She’s performing at a much higher level [and] she’s much more athletic than I ever was.” Flair continued, “She’s the best athlete in the WWE.”

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Charlotte took the advantage of becoming a wrestler because her father was there. And now she is among the most admirable Diva Wrestlers in The WWE.