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For some time now, precisely months ago, there have been news of The Viper, Randy Orton. As we can see now, it seems that the return of the legend is finally at hand and may happen sooner than later as expected.

There has been news of Orton being advertised for several live events that will take place in August. But now, the news is that Orton might make his way back to WWE in ring August 13’s live event from Hidalgo.

Orton recently affirmed that his shoulder injury has long time been healed but may miss the upcoming WWE draft on July 19th. The return of Orton is soon to happen and this will cause his fans to really rejoice because he has been for long missed and his RKO finisher will cheer up fans.

Well, his return as stated above is soon to happen but the company has not really announced his opponent. See tweets about his return below: