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It is revealed that amongst all the wrestling promotion company, The WWE carries the highest number of top and popular superstars.

Lately, the 12 time World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton showed up on Tom Clark’s podcast where he narrated how many years left for him to retire from professional wrestling. Orton said:

“For the immediate future and, s–t, for 10 more years, I would love to, if I’m able to, wrestle. This is what I enjoy doing.” Orton continued, “the day of a pay-per-view when you’re thinking of what you can do and then you get the payoff, the reward, that night. It’s a different animal. That live audience is a different animal. You grow as a WWE Superstar and really appreciate the reactions we pull out of these fans.”

More so, Randy Orton was asked if he would want to have the Ric Flair like WWE achievement in terms of the WWE World championship reign, he said:

“I’ve definitely got a few more [world title reigns] left in me. I’d say maybe even a handful. It [has] been two-and-a-half, three years since I had the big title around my waist, but being tag champs now, the last time I was tag champs and the only time before was in 2007, so going on 10 years later I get my second run as tag champ and that’s cool. Do you know what I mean? s–t, I’d go fight for the I.C. title or whatever title they put in front of me, it’s an honor to hold that title.”

Furthermore, Orton added, “if I never won it again, that would be okay with me. I’m a 12-time world champion. I’ve accomplished so much in the WWE. I just go out there and continue to entertain people and get my kids excited because they get to watch daddy on TV, those kinds of rewards, that’s what I’m doing it for now. Any gold around my waist, that’s just icing on the cake.”