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For two years now, fans has been made to hope that someday in the WWE Wrestlemania, the match between John Cena vs The Undertaker would come up someday.

The match was to come up at the previous wrestlemania even which was the WrestleMania 32 but due to John Cena’s injury, the match didn’t hold and was postponed to this year’s wrestlemania. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon has changed his mind about the John Cena vs Undertaker match that had been planned for Wrestlemania 33 as one of the headline attractions.

The reason for the sudden change of mind was not made known anyway; we were only made to understand that the feud has been cancelled and would not hold.

From the look of things, this year’s wrestlemania is revealed to going to be a bomb as lots of main events-like are all stack in the event match card. The card has Brock Lesnar VS Bill Goldberg, Seth Rollins VS Triple H, Big Show Vs Shaq and Kevin Owens VS Chris Jericho match for the US championship and with Jericho finally leaving WWE.

Does this mean that The Undertaker would no longer be retiring at WrestleMania 33? Well, there is a higher plan for the talent as it was teased earlier the he would be facing Braun Strowman of the Wyatt Family and this could finally end the Undertaker’s career.