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WWE sent out congratulatory message to JoJo Offerman on expecting her first baby this June. She is very pregnant and glowing in the pictures that she shared on Instagram.

However, the company didn’t acknowledge who the father of the baby is and who’s tattooed arms are shown holding JoJo’s stomach.

Bray Wyatt is the father of JoJo’s baby. The two have been dating for a while and this is her first pregnancy. Bray already has children with his ex wife, but WWE is no-selling Wyatt and JoJo’s relationship.

All they said about her pregnancy was:

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WWE ring announcer JoJo has been conspicuous by her absence the last few months, and she revealed why on social media Wednesday afternoon: She’s expecting. In an Instagram post that also included pictures of her baby bump, the former Total Divas star also revealed she will be having a son in June, and has decided to name him Knash. Check out the post below, and please join us in congratulating JoJo on her upcoming arrival!

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It is rather odd that WWE would do this, especially when announcing a pregnancy which is a very personal thing. That is what they did though which could be a sign that they don’t want people picture The Eater Of Worlds as a father. Perhaps they are trying to save some of his mystique, but it is still an interesting decision.

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Wyatt wasn’t shy about fathering JoJo’s baby. He was quite happy to put up a picture to his own Instagram to celebrate the upcoming birth of his son Knash.