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WWE ring announcer JoJo has announced that she’s expecting a child.

On Wednesday, JoJo took to her official Instagram account to announce that she is pregnant with baby Knash and is expected to give birth this June.

She hasn’t been seen on television since the New Year’s Eve episode of WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night RAW. Although she didn’t mention it in the caption of her photo, Jojo is currently dating WWE superstar Bray Wyatt.

Offerman noted near the end of the message that “WE will be back when the time is right.” Congratulations to the couple. She wrote the following alongside her maternity photos as seen below:

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Wyatt is still preparing to make his return to WWE television on Monday Night RAW. Since WWE decided to take him off the TV show of the red brand, Wyatt has been sending out cryptic messages on his official Twitter account in order to remind people that he could make his return at any moment.

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Wyatt had been paired with Matt Hardy but that tag team was forced to be split up after Hardy had to take some time off due to nagging injuries back in August.