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The huge matches for the WWE SummerSlam event that has long been teased will soon come to fulfillment as the time for the event draws close. Randy Orton VS Brock Lesnar is one big match scheduled to take place on that day and it seem that the whole world will be coming to watch the match. As regarding to the match, Randy Orton recently showed up at the Booker T’s last episode of “Heated Conversations” podcast where he was interviewed.

In the interview, he was asked several questions especially his preparation for the match against Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton said, “this is a very big match for me; I smiled when I heard about the match”. Discussing further, he said he is acquainted with the fact that nobody is stronger, quicker or even more powerful than the beast Brock Lesnar but he strongly believed that he has got lots of experience than Lesnar because he has fought in matches than Lesnar.

It is revealed that Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar trained in the OVM together and in remembering this, Randy Orton said that he is very happy seeing Lesnar come back to say that he wanted this match to happen. Randy Orton was asked to tell about the WWE’s New Era and he said that the era is an accomplishment for him to have such long WWE career. The era did give him a new face in the company indeed.

More so, Randy Orton has been away from the WWE for quite some months now because of a shoulder injury which he sustained during a live event match in October last year. Well, he is been advertised for the August 13th WWE Live Event from Hidalgo which means come what may, his return to the ring won’t exceed August. This is cool, isn’t it?