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According to this report, it is revealed that there are some gaps in the WWE that should be bridged. And this must be done without much ado.

In a related story, we discussed the release of WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes by the WWE. Obviously, Cody Rhodes requested for his release and he got it over last weekend and he was released by the company. The reason for the request was that Cody Rhodes stated that he was not pleased with his role in the company.

Cody Rhodes discussed this with the WWE creative to see if they can give him a change in the company but they refused. Cody Rhodes dropped his words against two of the creative staff regarding their unprofessional conduct; these staffs are thought to be Ed Koskey and Ryan Ward.

Cody Rhodes further stated that the WWE creative frustrated him with their action of refusing him the chance for another role in the company. reported that Ever since the release of the statement wrestling community has been buzzing with the question of identity of the two writers. This was a shock to the WWE.