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The WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns has become a very powerful and a renowned superstar in the company beating other wrestlers with good confidence. He has been the champion for some time now.

The WWE officials have tried to take this title from him, but it seems that all their efforts are to no avail. They are really very confused as of now. Vince McMahon’s plan is just to ensure that Roman Reigns loses the World Heavyweight Championship title to another superstar but this has been proving impossible.

In order to realize this dream, the company has given AJ Styles to Reigns to see if he can beat and collect the title from him. Previously, in a live event, Roman Reigns was made to face Bray Wyatt but unfortunately, Wyatt sustained an injury during the match and he was admitted.

Ever since, AJ Styles has been the direct feud Roman Reigns. These two has become real enemy because of the title. In our recent report we told you how Reigns warned Styles on twitter this was because their enmity has grown so wild. Reigns admitted that he loves AJ Styles anyway, but the feud cannot stop.