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Brock Lesnar is usually said to be an athlete you can see all the time but just once in lifetime and actually his recent run in WWE reflects that. As the former WWE world Heavyweight Champion he has really made appearances that have earn him to be among the first two or three highest paid athlete on the WWE roster.

A grudge that came up between Wyatts held a suspense to Night Shyamalan-esque which was fitted in an undisclosed position with Dean Ambrose all this seems to be a misuse of Lesnar’s star power from Vince’s view.

As we keep saying, Lesnar-Wyatts program is set to be kick started around the time of SummerSlam. As we all know that by now the chairman himself Vince McMahon has started drawing sketches for WrestleMania 33 where he proposed pairing The Beast against a superstar not less than The Rock.

As at now there is no certified information on Brock Lesnar’s next fight but it has been noticed that he will feature in a live event in Hawaii sometime in June.

Actually this is not the first time Rock versus Brock fight comes on in WrestleMania it has once been proposed but due to the kind of Lesnar’s contract which Vince is working towards it occurrence next year in Orlando.