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Frustrated Big Poppa puff’s His part with WWE

Wrestling professional Scott Steiner released some huge words in his recent interview, for WWE and management to an extent of slamming the product.Steiner critically stated in his interview that WWE offered him a legend deal which is lawyer checked and found the deal is basically illegal, WWE model labeling is also responsible for the exits of CM Punk and Rey Mysterio.

The company has two dumb-asses administering it Stephanie and her f**kin husband Triple H the major cause starts and guys are leaving like Rey Mysterio and CM Punk.

In his angry outburst, Steiner also extended his critics to the WWE’s writing team saying they reduce the position of wrestlers.

Steiner who is known to be an independent wrestler having his own circuit is well know of getting into various controversial talks. He says Back in the days of Macho Man and others doing their interviews with no doubts but now there is someone like Brian Gewirtz, a little midget who has gotten no “curse” in his life before telling people how to be cool.”Give me a break”