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The Guy as Roman Reigns is popularly called was suspended for 30 days by the WWE for violating the company’s wellness policy. This is to say that he went contrary to the law given to superstars against hard drugs.

Roman Reigns was the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion before losing it to his former club member Seth Rollins. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is scheduled to appear in the WWE Live Event in Wildwoods Convention Center, Wildwoods, New Jersey, this Saturday. Reigns was suspended for a Wellness Policy violation on June 21st.

It is revealed that there are barely three days to go for the Guy to return to WWE which means that his suspension has already ended in short. The news about his return as concerning the triple threat match against the three shield members which were supposed to happen at the WWE Battleground might even take place before that time.
Roman Reigns was suspended because he was tested of amphetamines. There were reports that Reigns also tested positive for marijuana, but as it is, the offence is really punishable with a fine of $1000 which he was charged to pay as well.

More so, reported earlier that if Roman Reigns returns he will be taken below the spot he was before which means that he will have to fight his way back to the top. And again, before the whole issue of the drug Roman Reigns and John Cena was seen as the face of the company but now it seems that Vince McMahon has plans to make AJ Styles and Seth Rollins the new face of the company.

Furthermore, it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that Vince McMahon is really serious in changing Reigns and Cena which it turn may give the company a newer and sad look because fans seem not to love AJ and Seth not to talk of making them the new faces of WWE SmackDown and RAW. This is indeed a battle.