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According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, Champion is now engaged with his erstwhile valet from WCW, Fifi the Maid. RiC Flair and Wendy Barlow recently appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap. He is now known to be a lover man as he has been engaged several occasions. The nature boy has grown to be the nature man but the features which made him the nature boy still lives in him.

In 2012 Ric Flair separated with his fourth wife Jacqueline Beems. The separation resulted to Jacqueline Beems filling a case against Ric Flair. The case was for cheating. Beems even started to threaten Fifi, which eventually led to her arrest. Flair and Jacqueline’s divorce case is still pending in court. The WWE hall of famer has recently fallen so deep in love with this new damsel, but we just hope this relationship lasts longer that the previous ones.

More so, Ric Flair is a Hall of Fame member and the manager of his daughter Charlotte. Ric Flair. According to, Ric Flair was an active part of the main roster in the WWE and was involved as the manager of current WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte. Although he portrayed a heel character throughout his recent run with the company, he turned ‘face’ again during his last appearance on WWE which was on the May 23rd edition of RAW.

The both, Charlotte and Ric Flair parted after a brief quarrel involving the two of them where Charlotte confessed before her father that she wished he was dead. Charlotte is the current women’s champion; she won the title from the former WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella and since then, she has been reigning as the Divas Champion. Nikki Bella side lined due to injury of the neck which required surgery. Fortunately, the surgery was carried out successfully and we hope to see her back in the ring any moment from now.