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There is the specific percentage which the WWE Company gives to main-eventers who returned from injury. This is known to be twenty-five percent or one quarter. Randy Orton and other stars whose return will be a talk of in the WWE Universe are also entitled to this percentage.

Lately, it was rumored that Seth Rollins will return at the WrestleMania which wasn’t all that believable. But the news now is that Rollins will return at SummerSlam. According to, Rollins will return sometime be in June.

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Pressure came upon Rollins to resign after sustaining an injury of the ACL, PCL and meniscus during a match with Kane as at November last year. Rollins had a successful surgery but it seems that he will not be in the World Heavyweight Title picture as soon as he returns.

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Even at this, Seth Rollins has a star power that can fix him in a befitting area of his career when he returns. So then what are we now saying? We hope to see him back soon.