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Shane O McMahon, who is fondly called the prodigal son, is the only son and heir of the WWE chairman Vince McMahon. He is also a wrestler just like his father and his Diva sister Stephanie McMahon.

The WrestleMania 32 had Shane McMahon in her main event where he fought and lost to The Undertaker. Shane is a popular dude, nice and vibrant. He was very close to the deceased Chyna a former WWE Diva and wrestler. Chyna was a WWE women champion whose passion for her job won her lots of tremendous awards and Titles.

The last time we heard about the WWE women champion was at the time she w as scheduled to appear in an America TV Show called Botched coming up in the month of May. This TV Show was hosted by two surgeons to give tips to those whose cosmetic surgery has gone wrong with them and also giving them recipe on how to manage it.

Chyna had done cosmetic surgery and it has not been well with her ever since. But was this the cause of her death? No, Chyna died as a result of drug overdose. It was reported about her that she is a drug addict that is, she abuses drug and this may have been the possible cause of her taking overdose of drugs which then resulted to her death. It is a pity!

Shane McMahon felt so sad about her death; he was really touched so he had to post this photo on twitter to showcase how close he was with Chyna