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The WWE has a very great plan of bringing the long spited clubs together in a match. This is the Shield which has separated over the years and also the Bullet club.

Will this ever be possible? I ask and even if it will, the match will be at SummerSlam or at the Survival Series; this should be when those on injuries returns to the ring. According to, the WWE will have to introduce War Game Match if the plan for the Bullet club and the Shield finally works out.

War game is a very serious game just like the Hell in a Cell match but slightly different. War game matches use to happen at Fall Brawl pay per views in WCW. Unlike the Hell in a Cell, the war game has two cages which allow four to five fighters of different groups.

But what do you think? Will this ever be possible? Well, let watch and see. Fans has accepted this to be true because Seth Rollins was said in a rumor that he shall soon come and mingle with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, these three formed the Shield.