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The WWE is quite prepared for the forth coming Pay-per-view event, Survivor Series. This event will feature superstars from both RAW and SmackDown Live.

That fact was made perfectly obvious when Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan challenged Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley to three elimination matches at the upcoming November pay per view. With that being said, and the fact that quite a few stars are currently on hiatus, one has to wonder who WWE is going to pull to come back for an early return. Furthermore, one has to wonder the level of star power that The WWE is looking to obtain for the event. reported that WWE might be looking to John Cena to make a surprise return at Survivor Series to participate in one of the three Survivor series matches. This would probably mean that Styles will be involved in the elimination style match as well and that the two superstars will pick up where they left off at the No Mercy pay per view.

More so, while it is impossible to tell the results of that match so early on in the booking process, especially without at least looking at the buildup for the match itself, it would make sense that Cena win this round of their feud and set up another match when Cena returns to television in 2017.

It is certain that a win for John Cena might make Styles, who is currently WWE Champion, look weak and lose some of his heat, but WWE could still make Styles lose in a way that protects both superstars, but still gives Cena the one up on AJ Styles. What do you think? Will John Cena make another return and finally even up the score a bit with Styles, or is he doomed to fail like all his other encounters?