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The WWE did officially announced the death of a professional wrestler; making it the second wrestler to die this year.

WWE made the announcement with a tweet which captured the longtime wrestler during one of his ring performances. Click here to see the tweet…

According to a report by, Axl Rotten who rose to stardom in the 1990s died due to accidental overdose this February. Otherwise, his death was described as mysterious as no one could trace what led to it except that he made a controversial tweet 10 hours before he his lifeless body was found in his motel room.

The 44-year old wrestler was a former star of Extreme Championship Wrestling ECW where he made his mark but in WWE, Rotten never got major roles with the giant wrestling promotion.

While the world kept wondering on what led to his death, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore has just announced that his death came from an accidental overdose.

According to police report, the lifeless body of Rotten was found on the bathroom floor of a McDonald’s in Linthicum on Feb. 4. Rotten’s body was found on the floor inside a bathroom stall while drug paraphernalia was placed on the table.

A “crystalline residue” which the police suspected to be heroin, was atop the paper-towel dispenser, the report added.

May we add that The ECW Original was a creative and innovative star so long as hardcore wrestling is concerned. However, his death came too soon.

May his soul rest in peace?