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After Wrestlemania 32 main event match with The Undertaker against Shane McMahon, it was reported that The Undertaker said that he was retiring.

However, it was not the first time he’s said that and he always changes his mind around November or December. Not long after that, it was reported that Undertaker was furious at Vince McMahon who had asked him to come and work at Summerslam as well.

It is revealed that The Undertaker was supposed to have his retirement match this year at Wrestlemania 32 against John Cena at his home state of Texas. But because of the injury of John Cena, things did not work as planned. John Cena suffered a torn rotator cuff that kept him on the shelf for five months. And because of cena’s injury, the retirement of The Undertaker was delayed by a year.

The Undertaker has well been the legend of WrestleMania event shows and possibly, we are looking forward to seeing him at the WrestleMania 33 with another opponent entirely. Lately, it was reported that The Undertaker had an injury because a couple of photos surfaced on the internet this week showing him in crutches which signifies that all is not well with the dead man. The Undertaker

has faced issues with his back, hip and knees. He may be dealing with them more now and clearly seems to have some injury or the other. But we wish him quick recovery and better health.

Anyway, with all that being said, we strongly hope that the injury is not all that serious and we hope he just comes out of it sooner. It possibly The Undertaker recovers any sooner, it means that his match against John Cena would possibly be teased for WrestleMania 33 which will eventually come as his retirement match.