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Falling in love is not an easy thing for the WWE boss Vince McMahon as we all can note that he is not an easy man to get on with. But I wonder how he had fallen in love so sudden to this WWE Diva.

Ashley Sebera, well known as Dana Brooke made her debut in the WWE main rooster just few weeks ago and she has recorded so many victory including defeating the Former WWE #1 contender for the Women’s championship Becky Lynch. Again, she helped the women’s Champion Charlotte defeat Natalya at WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

According to reports, the CEO of the WWE Company, Vince McMahon has fallen in love with Dana Brooke or let’s says, Vince McMahon is impressed with the work of Dana Brooke. Because of the impression, Vince McMahon wants Dana Brooke to be in spotlight.

Reports coming from Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that in the nearest future, Dana will be seprerated from Charlotte and both will have to wrestle against each other for the for the WWE Women’s Championship. Dana is really getting on in the company because we expect that she shall soon be the next Women’s Champion.