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Lionel Messi of Barcelona is on charges of tax evasion in Barcelona, considering his injury prevented Argentina and Barcelona for taking serious action but will be extended to court.

Jorge Horacio Messi the father of Lionel Messi and Messi are been accused by the Spanish tax office for swindling the Government of €4.1m just between 2007 and 2009. This case may result to jail for up to 21 months if they eventually found guilty.

On Tuesday hearing which lasted more than one hour which they missed, Messi and his dad denied the accusation and both of them are not indebted to show up at the court every day but they are to testify on Thursday.
According to Mr Lionel, his intention was to show up at the plenary hearing, but due to his state of health, Javier Sanchez-Vera, his lawyer presented a medical report to the court.

Last Friday during the friendly match between Honduras Vs Argentina the Barcelona forwardly hurt messi’s back. They went ahead asking the Judge if messi will be attending the Thursday’s hearing and the lawyer positively replied yes.

The situation facing Lionel messi relies on his image right’s, and the web of a shell companies doubtfully use to avoid taxes on income of such rights. During Messi’s two years investigation, the Tuesday hearing signified that the spain tax office made twenty inspections.

The prosecutor officers indicates that revenue is been hidden using Shell companies in Switzerland, Uruguay, United Kingdom and Belize.
Messi and his father paid €5m to the tax authorities as a “corrective” measure after being formally investigated.