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WWE has released quite a number of stars from the company which paints the image of “Black Thursday” that happened in 2014 when the company released 10 performers and one referee. It was such as sad Thursday for many WWE performers; everybody knew that.

Yes, it was such a memorable day as nothing of that sort had ever taken place prior. April 24 2014, the company handed Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, JTG, Curt Hawkins, Evan Bourne, Aksana, Yoshi Tatsu, Camacho, Brodus Clay, Teddy Long, and referee Marc Harris their walking papers.

While just last week, the company announced the releases of eight superstars; Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett, Santino Marella, Hornswoggle, El Torito, Cameron, Zeb Colter, and Alex Riley.

For the heck of it, the reasons why some of the wrestlers were fired have been revealed. But for this moment in question, we shall only look at why Cameron and Damien Sandow were let go.

For superstar Damien Sandow, it is said that the decision to release him had been taken before Wrestlemania 32. And that the main reason why he was let off the hook was primarily because the company didn’t have any further plan for him or his character.

While for Cameron, Meltzer noted that she was released in order to save someone else from being released. Although the name of the star that affected Cameron’s job was not mentioned but somehow, her case was concluded when she gave thumbs up to Ryback on Twitter after Ryback did a post smashing the company.

We shall bring more updates on why some other stars were released plus the latest update on which stars are likely set to be released in the days ahead.