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Roman Reigns suspension was indeed a great shock to all in the WWE Universe. It was indeed a surprise as nobody had ever thought that the WWE could carry out a task like that.

The Talk is Jericho podcast was founded by the WWE legend Chris Jericho with the intension of taking the things of the WWE Company to another level by doing what he loves most.

It is revealed that Chris Jericho started working with WWE 17 years ago and till date he is still an active member and an associate of the WWE. Recently, during a Japan tour where he was arranged to partake in two live events. And in his discussion, he talked about so many things including his podcast business.

Jericho said that the podcast business is quite a nice business and how excited he was when he started the business. Discussing further, he said that his plans is to have six podcast in the Jericho Network in the future and stated that as long as he lived he will achieve his dream. He said that the podcast was a fast growing business.

More so, Chris Jericho said that due to his age, he is pretty sure that he won’t be wrestling for long. But through the things he is doing in the entertainment industry other than wrestling, he can stay active until the age of 75 or beyond. It is worthy to note that Jericho is a big fan of Roman Reigns.

Discussing about Reigns suspension, he said that for the company to have suspended a big gut like Roman Reigns means that the company is not joking with their wellness policy at all. He added that he strongly believes in Roman Reigns and also that The Shield will definitely reunite again and become champions of stables.