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YouTube video from WWE TV in France with Becky Lynch speaking French with the announcers. We do not understand French but if any one of our highly esteemed readers do understand French, let he/she feel free to give us the translation here.

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* Information reaching us says that Batista will be featuring on next Saturday’s episode of Soccer AM on Sky Sports in the UK.

* Earlier we reported that Colin Cassady appeared at last night’s meet & greet before the WWE NXT live event in Tampa and was walking on crutches.

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This means that the injury shot with Cassady for the October 28th NXT episode was more than just an angle thing. @Gravenbabies tweeted this photo of Big Cass on crutches last night:

As noted, Lana and recently released WWE NXT Diva Devin Taylor are hanging out in Nashville this weekend, where Lana lives with fiance Rusev. Lana posted this photo of the two today:
WWE NXT Diva Devin Taylor are hanging out in Nashville

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