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The death of a superstar which was announced few weeks ago was indeed a painful exit to so many people. During an intreview with Pancakes and Powerslams Ken Anderson popularly known as Mr. Anderson shared an unsual story about the Late Balls Mahoney.

Though, what he said about him was all in praise of the deceased and nothing more, he also shared an incident which he had on a trip with the deceased. This were his words, “I remember one time I was walking up to an arena, I think we were in Germany, and he was sitting out kind of sunning himself. He had these headphones on, big headphones, and as I walked by, he pulled the headphones off, shook my hand [and said], ‘How’re you doing, brother?’ 

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Still narrating, Anderson said, “He was always the sweetest guy, very friendly. And I said, ‘I’m good. What’cha listening to?’ And he goes, ‘Type O Negative.’ I’m like, ‘Oh. Those are the guys who think they’re vampires, right?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah. I’m a vampire too.’ I was like, ‘What? What do you mean?’ And he showed me his arm where he had cut himself the night before where he and his girlfriend were taking turns sucking each other’s blood.”

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Before the deceased passed on, he revealed that his tooth loss was as a result of him filling his mouth with lighter fluid so that he can spite out fire when performing. Balls died at the age 44 years a day after his birthday his in New Jersey. Report has it that he was found dead in his house by his wife who later made some phone calls.

Any way, the deed is done is already and we only pray that his gentle soul rests in perfect peace.