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Roman Reigns, Professional Wrestler

There are a few rumors circulating the internet about pro wrestlers in the WWE industry. Fans are concerned and they are trying to speculate just what is happening backstage based on the information available at their disposal.

NB: These rumors are yet to be confirmed but for real, they seem to have some substance in them.

The main Rumors Oct 16, 2015:

• From all indications, Roman Reigns’ image is not enjoying a favorable reaction backstage owing to the promo on Raw early this week.
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• Whistle-blowers are saying that Alberto Del Rio is likely to come back to WWE. The real issue here is no one knows when or how he is likely to do this but he will return soon enough.

• The father of Izzy reportedly said via Twitter that Izzy has register for the NXT kids show. It is supposed that the show will serve as a medium to lift her to a bigger platform in NXT.

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• Also, it has been rumored that Fabulous Freebirds is likely to be initiated into the Hall of Fame next year.

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• And lastly, it has been reported that WWE is working on a contract with three Lucha Underground talents, two of which were Angelico and Ricochet (Prince Puma). The Observer stated that the contract will be completed soon enough. Also, Ricochet may be signed to work with Finn Balor before the second season begins.

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