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Randy Orton Accident would have kicked him out of wrestling completely and we wouldn’t be having him around any more but God saved him.

We go through many instances of the cars colliding on a day to day basis but when the news headline carries the name of some celebrity we know, there is an extra bit of concern.The same applies for professional wrestlers.

Getting involved in a car accident can be pretty horrifying irrespective of the person being a common man or a professional wrestler.

There has been many lives and careers ruined by accidents like these and though the superstars are expected to carry a much expensive car than the rest, when an accident occurs, it’s all the same.

A handful of WWE superstars have been in car accidents throughout the history and here is a look at some of them.

#5 Rosa Mendes Accident

Rosa Mendes Accident

Fandango’s new dance partner Rosa was one of those divas who were lucky enough to escape cleanly from a car accident. The incident took place back in 2012 in Las Vegas and involved no less than five cars.

The initiator was a Mercedes which repeatedly kept switching lanes and in turn causing a truck to stop and cause a series of collisions. Rosa was a passenger on her friend’s Black Hummer and was rear ended by a car during the whole scenario.

Rosa did suffer some heavy whiplash due to the impact of the collision but she did not have any serious injuries. Rosa was soon back in between the ropes but the situation would’ve been much worse if she wasn’t wearing seatbelts.

#4 Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder and Justin Roberts Accident
Accident of Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder and Justin Roberts

These three men make up one entry instead of three separate ones because it was the same accident and the same car. The trio was travelling in a limousine back in July 2012 as they were transported to the comic-con at the San Diego Convention Centre.

The limo was rear ended big time by another car during the journey and the then United States Champion, Ryder went on to hit his neck on the chair while Roberts and Ziggler went flying.

All three superstars escaped the accident without any major injury and the thing they should probably thank is the size of the limo as it was long enough to cut out the impact.

#3 Lillian Garcia Accident

Lilian Garcia, WWE Announcer

Lillian Garcia would most probably be one of the most unsung names in professional wrestling ring announcing. She has been in the business for nearly two decades now and still looks gorgeous for a 48 year old.

She had excellent spells in WWE and success outside it as a singer but October 26, 2012 would be a day that Lillian would love to forget.

Lillian was hit by a car in Los Angles on that day and survived the crash with some serious injuries. She has multiple contusions and laceration on her left side and require two whole months to recover from the horrific injuries.

#2 Randy Orton Accident
WWE Legend Bob and Randy Orton Passes Away

Randy Orton should be the poster boy for all those wear helmet disclaimer messages out there because if it wasn’t for his helmet, we wouldn’t be still having him around. While most of the other cases in the list had a wrestler driving the car, this is an exception.

Orton was driving a motorcycle near his home and struck a curb due to a car that veered into his lane. The viper ended up 300 feet away from the place of impact and was knocked unconscious immediately.

He did manage to cling on to his life thanks to the helmet he wore but Orton’s collarbone wasn’t lucky enough as it was broken. He came back and gave some strong showings after that but there is always a big what if situation.

#1 John Cena Accident

John Cena Accident

The Cenation leader also tasted what it’s like to be in a car accident when his SUV was rear ended up a trailer. Those who are familiar with rear ending would know that it’s not the worst case of accident but what puts Cena up in the list is the chaos this caused.

The accident happened in Philadelphia in 2012 and thanks to the rear ending that happened with the 15 time champion, the bystanders got to see a 3 way chain reaction crash involving another Acura alongside Cena’s SUV and the trailer.

Cena escaped the accident without any serious injury but since we know the seriousness of car accidents, just imagine how the WWE would’ve shaped up if Cena’s wrestling career ended there.