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Brock lesnar has been undergoing severe probe by USADA since his return to the UFC, The WWE Former Champion as visited the scanner not less five times as the company continue their scrutinizing operation on all fighter, making sure that the rule against doping is strictly followed.

Brock Lesnar who as excel as heavyweight champion in both WWE and UFC has never tested positive to doping since his career with MMA. Though the result of the test carried on him is yet to be released, Lesnar is super positive that the test wont after is upcoming fight as he his 100% sure of is state.

Brock Lesnar was exempted from USADA’s fourth month rule, which read that any fighter wishing to booked a fight must give written notice, early enough before the schedule fight . the decision raise a confusion in IWC and the MMA community as some went contrary.

Mark Hunt, Lesnar opponent reacted bitterly to decision of USADA’s, as he felt the exemption giving to Brock Lesnar was bias. He went on to say: “probably juiced to the gills” and that if he was given a pass, so should every fighter in the UFC.
Though an exact figure or even an estimate hasn’t been reported, there is rife speculation that Lesnar’s payday for the mega-event is the highest in the history of the UFC.