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Argentina has been defeated again in the Copa America final by Chile who ones defeated them in 2015; Chile successfully protects their Copa America title this year again. Lucas Biglia and Messi missed out the spot as Roja is been crowned Champion again this year.

Argentina who successfully find their way to the Copa America final with 18 goals letter fumbled to Chile, Argentina suppose to be the main trophy holder this year but unfortunately they failed and Albiceleste endured a heavy heartbreak for missing the Copa America the third time.

The Copa America final was very tough, tight and competitive, Chile strongly hold Lionel Messi tight in the game without giving him a breeding space likewise to his co players, both sides were not able to score, the game headed to extra-time but still yet no positive outcome till the end of the giving minute with 0-0, this calls for penalty to decide this time just as it was for them in 2015.

The first player to miss the penalty kick was Arturo Vidal for Chile before Lionel Messi shockingly failed to use that advantage to score their opponent but played it over the bar making the score range 3-2 in favour of Chile and Biglia saw that his effort has been saved by Claudio Bravo, so he allowed Francisco to hold on the fate.