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Earlier we reported that in order for WWE to overcome its challenges primary caused by the injuries of some Superstars, there’s a need to bring back some Superstars who are currently off schedules.

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We reported that Brock Lesnar and John Cena who are currently off WWE’s programming may be the redeeming figures.

Brock Lesnar disappeared into the air after that very bloody Hell in A Cell match where he defeated The Undertaker.

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We also stated that Brock Lesnar’s contract with WWE demands that he makes very limited appearances per year and for him to make any other appearance this year, WWE would have to pay him additional money otherwise, Lesnar may just return to action next year.

Hence, with the scanty house, plagued by injuries, a report just came in that WWE has agreed to pay Brock Lesnar more money for extra dates and matches.

Also John Cena may likely return earlier than December 26th from his break.

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